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    Minnesota Hockey Covid Update 1.7.21

    Read the latest announcement from Minnesota Hockey.

    Welcome to Rogers Youth Hockey Association

    The mission of the Rogers Youth Hockey Association "RYHA" shall  be to organize, direct and promote youth hockey in a manner which will positively represent our communities, create a fun, fair and safe hockey environment and provide a structure for player growth and development for all area youth.

    RYHA Board

    RYHA Coaches Corner - Coaching Ideas during the "Pause"

    Hello RYHA Coaches - As we are working our way through this unusual season, it is up to us to continue to coach our teams and also prepare our kids for the season hopefully in December! Please take a look at the information provided on this link and also keep an eye out for more RYHA information for your teams! Stay the course- Let's keep challenging our teams to get better!

    Mite/Squirt C/Jr Gold Pictures 1/26 5-9:30pm

    We will be doing pictures a little different this year.  

    • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your picture time.  
    • Each team will have a 15 minute window for their pictures.  
    • Teams will need to arrive dressed for pictures (skaters do not need skates or helmets).
    • Skaters must arrive with masks on through the north entry door (the one we use now for entering the rink).  
    • Please note: teams should go up and wait in the area above the bleachers to wait.  Teams can not be running around the rink.
    • We will be letting teams in through the side door of the community room. 
    • Masks will be worn into the room.  Masks will be removed for individual pictures then need to be put back on until the team picture is ready to be taken.  
    • Only coaches and managers will be allowed in the room for pictures.  Parents will not be allowed into the community room.
    • Parents - if needed walk into the rink to help your skater find their coach.  Parents are expected to exit through the main doors and wait in your car or outside of the main doors.  You will not be allowed in wait in the rink or lobby.
    • QP will again have online ordering which will be available a few days after pictures are complete.





    MONDAY - December 14th, 2020


    2019-2020 RYHA TROPHY CASE

    RYHA Gambling

    Gambling has contributed over $900K since 2012 to RYHA. 

    Pull Tabs, Bingo, Meat Raffles, special events, plus daily specials at our supporting businesses. 

    Support the businesses that support RYHA. 

    Boondox Bar and Grille

    Cowboy Jacks

    Clive's Roadhouse

    Maynard's Rogers

    Riverwood Tavern (at Riverwood Golf Course)

    RYHA Home Training Links and Ideas

    Click on the links to get some ideas on what training you can do from your house!  Let's keep working hard RYHA!  Challenge your friends and have some fun!

    20 Stickhandling Drills you can do from home!

    Challenge yourself and friends to a little stick handling during your downtime! Let's share some videos of RYHA Players doing these drills.

    Free Hockey Training - Minnesota Hockey Program

    With the Covid-19 putting many things on hold, Minnesota Hockey has put together a off ice training program that could be used to help keep you sharp this off season. Challenge yourself and your friends!

    What are NHL Goalies Doing to stay sharp during this challenging times and other NHL News.

    Hello Rogers Goalies, learn what the top Pro's are doing to stay sharp during these challenging times. Keep challenging yourself and we look forward to seeing you ready to go for RYHA next Fall!