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Welcome to Rogers Youth Hockey Association

The mission of the Rogers Youth Hockey Association "RYHA" shall  be to organize, direct and promote youth hockey in a manner which will positively represent our communities, create a fun, fair and safe hockey environment and provide a structure for player growth and development for all area youth.

RYHA Board


MONDAY - May 20th, 2019




We will host our annual membership meeting on Monday, May 20th, at 7:00pm at the RAC. Elections for board positions that are up for renewal will take place along with a few positions which will be up for appointment as they have been vacant and are mid-term. Members are entitled to one vote per familyYou must also be in good-standing (all fees paid in full) in order to vote or run for any position on the Board. Instructions for applying are listed at the end of this email.

There is a lot to be excited about as we look to the future of RYHA and it is a great time to consider volunteering your time on our Board! There are many positions that need to be filled in order for the us to continue to offer a quality experience for the players and parents. Below is a brief description of the positions up for election or appointment, all positions fulfill your Dibs requirements:

These positions are up for election and have a 2 year term running June, 2019 through May, 2021:

President: chief responsibility for oversight of the business of RYHA and assumes responsibility for the actions of the Association. Gambling Director reports to President and President serves as Chief Operating Officer for gambling operations. Work with Vice President to update and maintain Policy Manual. Interested persons must have a minimum 1 year prior experience on the RYHA Board of Directors.

Secretary: maintain accurate records of all proceedings of the Association and is responsible for maintaining the Bylaws. Work with coordinators to ensure they are meeting responsibilities of their positions and answer questions as needed.

Registration Director: responsible for coordinating and executing player registration including attending D10 meetings as required, setting up registration in Sports Ngin, providing player information to Board members as needed, prepare all rosters and provide teams with pertinent paperwork and work with Finance Manager on team billing.

Peewee & Squirt Directors (both positions up for election): represent the interests of teams at their level, help facilitate the tryout process, assist in the selection of coaches, schedule tournaments and work with coaches/players/parents on questions or issues that may arise.

Ice Scheduling Director: schedule clinics, tryouts, games and practices for the Association, attend D10 game scheduling sessions, work with local arenas to obtain ice needed for the season and review ice contracts, review ice bills and submit to Finance Manager for payment, supervise the work of the Ice Coordinator (new position).

Coaching Director: work with hockey development committee to build a consistent teaching approach and practice curriculum and monitor coaches to ensure they are following it, oversee training of coaches, work with committee to select coaches at all levels of play, help resolve coach/player/parent issues, assist in the tryout process.

The following are voting positions on the board which are currently vacant. The Board will review all interested persons and appoint someone to fulfill the remainder of the term through May, 2020:

Treasurer: in charge of all funds of the Association, will supervise the Finance Director to ensure bills are paid and deposits are made timely, work with the Board to develop a long-term financial strategy, work with accounts to ensure annual audit is completed and help with questions as needed, work with Fundraising Director on best practices for handling of funds.

Fundraising Director: responsible for the oversight of all fundraising activities of the Association, help find chairpersons and oversee them to ensure events are well-planned and money is handled properly.

Girls Director: represent the interests of teams, help facilitate the tryout process, assist in the selection of coaches, schedule tournaments, work with coaches/players/parents on questions or issues that may arise, member of co-op committee and will communicate with other Associations on issues that may arise.

The following are new coordinator roles that we are looking to fill for the next season. All coordinator roles are appointed by the Board and are subject to renewal each year:

Ice Coordinator: assist Ice Scheduling Director with D10 game scheduling, work with ice scheduling software and review for accuracy, schedule outdoor ice and assist with Dryland scheduling, manage and maintain ice swap sheet, help facilitate scrimmage requests from teams, manages team requests and date blocks, assist with ice reporting & metrics. 

Website/Email Coordinator: Send out weekly communications, update website on as needed basis, work with directors to make sure information is correct and message is getting out.

Girls Travel Coordinator: assist the Girls Director with all aspects of girls teams and co-op as requested.

Sponsorship Coordinator: work with Fundraising Director to develop sponsorship opportunities and packages for the Association, seek sponsors to help fund the needs of RYHA.

Rockin' Rogers Coordinators: looking for a team of people to take over the planning, set up and running of operations for our burger booth at Rockin' Rogers Days. IF WE DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE STEP UP BY MONDAY, APRIL 22ND, WE WILL NOT CONTINUE TO HOLD THE BOOTH FOR THE EVENT.

Growth Coordinators: 

RYHA is seeking individuals from our association to help identify and plan for school and community events to promote hockey and RYHA.  We will be looking for a Coordinator for each of the following Schools and Communities (5 Total).  We would prefer that each of these positions is a unique individual, but if we do not have enough volunteers we would look to combine a couple roles.


Rogers Elementary(1)

Otsego Elementary (1)

Hassen Elementary(1)

City of Rogers (1)

City of Otsego(1)

Expectations:  This position would help in identifying and planning for events where outside associations such as RYHA could participate in.  Examples would be School Carnivals, Rockin Rogers, Prairie Days, Church Events, etc.   In addition to identifying the event this person would help with planning for the event with help from the RYHA Growth Director.   There are typically 2-3 events a year per location.

As you can see there are MANY WAYS to get involved in RYHA - we need you....your kids need you!!! If you are interested in any of the positions listed, please fill out the questionnaire attached. You may scan the completed questionnaire and email it to: OR you may print it out and put it in the RYHA mailbox at the RAC to the attention of Heather.

We will post all applicant information on the website by May 15th so that members have the opportunity to review the candidates prior to the meeting on May 20th. Our bylaws provide that candidates may also be taken from the floor on the night of the election. You must be prepared to provide answers to the questionnaire orally at the meeting if you do not complete the form ahead of time so that we can keep all information from candidates consistent.

If you have any questions about the positions or the process involved, please contact Barb Timm at


RYHA Gambling

Gambling has contributed over $408.5K since 2012 to RYHA. 

Pull Tabs, Bingo, Meat Raffles, special events, plus daily specials at our supporting businesses. 

Support the businesses that support RYHA. 

Boondox Bar and Grille

Cowboy Jacks

Clive's Roadhouse

Maynard's Rogers

2018-19 RYHA Trophy Case