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Volunteer-DIBS Information

Volunteer Requirements

Families will be required to work ten (10) hours of volunteer time during the 2019-20 season for an individual registered skater.  Families with two (2) or more registered skaters must complete (15) hours of volunteer time during the 2019-20 season. A minimum of three (3) hours must be complete at one of the RYHA hosted tournaments. 

You will be required to submit a post dated check in the amount of $500 per family. These checks will be held and destroyed if ALL volunteer hours are completed for each skater. If the requirements are not completed in full by the end of the 2019-20 season, your check will be cashed.  Should you wish to have your check returned to you, you must provide a S.A.S.E.
Volunteer Qualifications:
  • All Travel Coaches, 1 Travel Manager per team and All Mite level Head Coaches will have their volunteer hours fulfilled. 
  • All Mite level Assistant Coaches and 1 Mite Manager per team will get credit for 7 of their required hours. EXCEPTION: a Mite level Assistant Coach who coaches on more than 1 team will have all their hours fulfilled.
  • Board Member Director and Coordinator positions will have their volunteer hours fulfilled. 

DIBS Volunteer System

RYHA uses the DIBS Volunteer System to track volunteer hours through the season. Volunteer opportunities will be posted through the season for you to sign up for.  

Below are step by step instructions on how to navigate within the Dibs Volunteer System.

Team Duties / Volunteers

Travel Team Managers will require parents to help support the team with various team duties. These do NOT qualify for DIBS hours, but may require you to register as a volunteer. Penalty box, clock and book do not require you to register. If you are a Locker Room Supervisor or a Dryland Trainer, you are required to register. Please follow the steps on the Manager-Volunteer Registration page.  

Amanda Spilde

Volunteer Coordinator